Skateboard in Nepal, Skate Nepal

Skateboarding is a popular sport and hobby in foreign countries. It is an action sport where riders perform tricks using the skateboard. The skateboard is still infancy in Nepal whereas in western countries it’s heavy¬†commercial and recreational sport. Many young people are interested in Skateboarding in Nepal but due to lack of proper skateboarding equipment and environment, it is still a huge time for skateboarding to uplift it’s standard in Nepal.Skate boarding in NepalSkateboard riders can be found on Kathmandu valley and Pokhara. Pokhara is the home to Nepal’s only skatepark. Even the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu does not have a single skate park. Skateboard riders ride their skateboard on side-road full of people. It is very challenging for Nepali youngsters to maintain the skateboard craze in Nepal. Due to lack of proper playing environment, Nepal is still lacking proper skateboarding experience.

Ram C Koirala, is arguably the first skateboarder of Nepal. He has built a skateboard park in Pokhara. He was very passionate about skateboarding. He believes Skateboarding is a whole new experience for younger generation and kids. Ram has been developing skateboarding passion around him. He fuels people around him with inspiration available from Youtube. He aims to further extend the Skatepark and skateboard craze in Nepal.Skateboard Craze in Nepal, Skateboards in NepalSkateboarding is a very popular sport in western countries. Many youngsters master the skills and ride them along the road. There are many international events and competitions held for Skateboarding. Skateboard competitions also aid in influencing¬†skateboard among people and maintaining its love among kids and youngsters. Now, in the generation of technology, one can learn many tricks from Youtube. One can master simple tricks from “Ollie” to “Kick-flip”. It still may take a long time for Skateboarding to properly develop in Nepal. We hope until then the craze of skateboarding continues to grow in Nepal.

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