Best camera smartphones in Nepal 2017 | List of Best Camera Smartphone

A list of best smartphone camera

Best Smartphone Camerea in Nepal

What does smartphone mean to you in these days? I know you’ve got a lot of answer to this question. From calls and messaging to photography, the smartphone has now become an inevitable part of our life. Over the recent times, the smartphone industry has exceptionally grown and power has been increasing ever. We mostly use our smartphone for Internet use. From Facebook to Youtube, we use a smartphone for all major internet works. These are major things you do but what are other things? Don’t ever forget, taking Photos. Remember the times when you used to go to the Photo studio for family photos? Well, now we rarely visit Photo Studio for such moments. Today we will talk about Best Camera Smartphones in Nepal.

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Smartphone has changed the way we take photos. Smartphone these days have got major camera updates and can take photos at some level of DSLR Camera. Whenever a new product gets launched, the first thing to have a hot-talk is the camera of the smartphone. The main increment of important on the smartphone camera comes mostly due to the Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Instagram. People are always eager to social their life and moments in Social Media. This has thus increased the importance of smartphone camera. So, what are the best available camera smartphone in Nepal? So, let’s have a closer look at smartphone available in Nepal that has best smartphone camera or best camera smartphones

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iPhone 7 Plus

Price: NRS. 113,550

Apple is well-renowned for their great camera. Although many people claim the smartphone to be overrated and Apple running out of creativity and ideas, Apple has brought positive reviews in camera sector. Apple was centre-point for critics as they killed 3.5mm headphone jack. However, the camera of iPhone 7 Plus is appreciable in many ways. Since iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with dual-camera, it clearly beats its sibling iPhone 7.
iPhone 7 Plus sports a 12 MP sensor on the rear side with f/1.8 aperture. It is bigger than the previous model of iPhone 6s(f/2.2 sensor). The main reason of Photos from iPhone being so good is because of their own software which processes the photo fairly. Apple has finally included an OIS(optical Image Stabilisation). This aids in a great low-light capture. iPhone 7 Plus also has its telephoto lens in addition to the 12MP camera. The lens allows 2x optical zoom and is also considered great for portrait.
iPhone 7 Plus houses 7MP camera on the front with f/2.2 aperture which is also quite good. The smartphone supports 4K Video Recording @30 fps and it also records 1080p FullHD Videos at a maximum of 120 fps.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

galaxy_s7_and_s7_edge_price_in_nepalWith the Galaxy S8 near to launch, the S7 Edge offers a great camera. It is also one of the best smartphones of 2016. It houses 12 MP camera with f/1.7 aperture and 1/2.5′ sensor size. The smartphone offers great camera experience and results in better detailed and crisp photos. Its low light photography is extremely satisfiable. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also features PDAF which means Phase-Detection Auto-Focus, Optical Image Stabilization and LED Flash. The smartphone offers geo-tagging, 4K recording, auto HDR, 9MP image recording, touch focus, face/smile detection and panorama.

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In the front, the smartphone features 5MP sensor with a sensor size of 1/4.1″ and with an aperture of f/1.7. Since the camera has the dual-pixel sensor, the photo will be more detailed and natural. Video recording of resolution 2160@30fps, 180p@60fps and 720p@240 fps. The price of Samsung Galaxy S7 is Rs. 77,900 and Galaxy S7 Edge is Rs.88,900.

Huawei P9huawei p9 back

Huawei P10 Specs, features and Pricing

Huawei P9 has dual-camera setup on its rear side. There’s a normal 12MP colour sensor and a monochrome sensor. Having Leica brand camera makes this smartphone stand in a crowd because of its great camera. It can take great quality photos. Since, it absorbs more light through its B&W Lens, which thus works perfectly in low-light condition. The smartphone is priced Rs.60,000.

Sony Xperia X

sony xperia x price in nepal

Price: Rs.64,999

We all know about Sony. Sony is leaders in camera. Other manufacturers also use Sony sensors to the better camera. Companies like OnePlus, Google Pixel, Xiaomi and even Apple sometimes uses the camera sensor from Sony. Recently, Sony launched Sony Xperia XZ Premium that can capture slow-motion at the rate of 960fps which is pretty stunning. It was declared as the best device at MWC 2017 by many people and communities. However, Xperia X is the latest flagship smartphone available in Nepal.
Sony Xperia X has 1/2.3″ 24MP main camera with the aperture of f/2.0. The quality of photos is pretty impressive. You can track the moving objects without losing the focus on your subject. The smartphone has 24mm wide-angle G-lens featuring hybrid AF, quick launch and 5x clear image zoom. That’s why it has made to the list of Best Camera smartphones in Nepal.