Many Nepalese students dream of going to America for continuing their career, commonly their learning career. It is a trend nowadays, many students try to pursue their higher studies in America. Students and parents both are too concerned and interested in sending their children to the land of their dreams. Thousands of Nepali go to this great country yearly. People have a kind of craze for America, well that can be known from all the EDV entry done. Generally, almost every Nepali dream of going to the USA at least once in their lifetime. Students, commonly want to go this country for studying and settling their

How to Apply for America in Student Visa from Nepa – A complete Guide for Nepali Students

Due to political instability and lack of proper educational system, students nowadays don’t prefer to study in Nepal. There will be regular jams on the street, strikes like for a day a week and several other social factors. Study techniques and procedure has also not changed as one would expect it. That’s why more students seek foreign countries for their future studies and USA is their first choice. The reason that most of the students choose America because of its diverse cultural present and more than 2500 courses to choose for. Student thinks they take a right step toward their future after educating in America.
Many students go to America for their Bachelor and Master degree. The easy and convenient way to enter America is through the student visa. Let’s see the process that is involved while taking you to your dreamland.

A good student gets good marks

As all we know, we should have good grades in order to go to foreign countries. You should have a real certificate of studies documents. If you have good grades, the possibility screams even louder. You can only apply for US Education after your +2 gets completed. You must prove that you are the right student to land in America- the land of opportunities.

Dealing with consultancy

You have to find out a secure and reliable consultancy which is providing quality service and operating their service for a long time. You must also watch out what are their success rate. There are many fake and fraud consultancies that butter you up with sweet and good things, but at the end leave you at the mid-road. You should also contact the students that recently landed America and ask about their opinion and experience.Consultancies may tell you made up stories which may sound real but are totally fake. It’s about making and shaping your future, you have to alert. You cannot totally depend on them and be fully reliable. You have to approach it positively and research about the place you are about to go, the law, the college or university you are about to join. This will establish a crisp and clear mindset within you that helps you to cope with the reality.


toefl-vs-ielts-minThis is the third step you should take while you are preparing to study in America. You should do IELTS or TOEFL to study in the foreign country. It is simply an English language test that analyses your English speaking, writing and executing skills. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System while TOEFL stands for Test of English as a foreign language. Most of the students prefer to choose TOEFL because it deals with British language, which we are familiar with.We also recommend you to SAT because it helps you to get Scholarships in the America. You may sure want to go the USA in a scholarship because it may be sometimes expensive to handle.

Exam nature and Process

You have to take an exam date which is easy for you. After you complete your IELTS/TOEFL/SAT course, visit your consultancy and take a date for your examination.
This examination is taken by American Embassy so there’s no chance of cheating or source. You have to score more than 5 to get your entry in America. If you gave your attention and study properly, you may also be able to obtain 8 out of 10. The higher marks you get, more the chance of getting an entry to America.

Proper visibility

The step that you have to follow next is that showing proper bank balance and property. If you are rich and belong to a richer family, that is not a big problem. If you are from a medium background, than consultancies will guide you how to deal with the problem. They will instruct you to create several documents that are needed. Do as they suggest, it will not be a bigger problem. You have to submit your payment to the college/university you’re studying at. It depends upon college you are studying. Some college asks money up to two semesters while some settle for only one semester. Once you got abroad, you can then pay your fees by working part-time.

Important Notes

You must have a passport made before you apply for the process.
Once you land in the airport(America), the people from the university will come to pick you.(the consultancy will have you all informed about this).
Have a positive mindset and always be calm. Try to make good friends around you. There are lots of Nepali people living in America. Have good relation with them and learn from their experiences.
Have a Happy future ahead! And don’t ever forget Nepal!