Smart Taxi in Nepal Onver

When I visited India for a small trip two things really fascinated me. The first was Metro and second was Online cab service. It is not a big thing though but since this was my fist visit to India, I relly thought about the idea of implementing these services in Nepal. We all have faced the taxi problem at least once in a life. Firstly, we do not get the taxi at required places and secondly, the taxi driver refuses to turn on the meter and takes his desired price which is costly and sometimes makes us argue really hard with the Taxi Driver. Although there is severe punishment for those drivers who refuses to go via meter it is still a problem. And if even someone agrees you to take via meter, they choose the long route which of course is costly and inconvenient. But now these several problems may eradicate as online cab booking system is launched in Nepal.Onver Online Cab Taxi Booking in NepalThe online taxi booking app is called Onver Smart Taxi. You can now book your taxi wherever you are and go to your destination without any problem of bargaining over meter and route.
200 taxi drivers are implemented through this app now. The drivers will serve the passenger by the request made online. According to Om Khadka, the head of Onver, the taxi will use GPS Tracking for easy service.

How to use online Cab/ taxi service in Nepal?

You can download this app from Play Store and then register yourself. The mobile number, e-mail and password are must and is easy. After the registration process, you’ll be able to book a cab.
If you need to go somewhere, open the app and based on your device location the GPS locates your place. Choose the destination you want to go and then it shows you the shortest possible route to your destination.
Now there is ‘Find Taxi’ option, click on it. After you click it, the app shows the taxi that is available and near you. The cabsĀ are all registered on Onver. You now have to phone the driver and then say him his exact location so that he will arrive.
This cab service is first in Nepal and is totally new to Nepali users. It takes time for Nepali users to trust and use this app and service. In India, two cab service are very popular. They are Ola cabs and Uber. Elon Muck, the billionaire is the founder of Uber and is very popular in other countries. Initially, foreigners have taken interest rather than Nepali. It is because they are used to Online Cab in their country.