Procedure for getting Driving license in Nepal

Riders will now get a Smart-License !


Driving license is the permit to drive the vehicles in any country. It is illegal to drive the vehicle without driving license, let’s not call it illegal but it is not allowed. Many people still drive their vehicle without driving license. It increases the risk of accidents. In the context of our country Nepal, Department of Transport Management( Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport) has the sole authority of distributing license. To get a license one must full the terms and conditions provided by Department of Transport management. Certain criteria are to be followed to get a driver license.

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Fee for using driving vehicles while taking trail/test drive exam for driving license


New Requirement for getting driving license in Nepal

  • He/She should be Nepali citizen and should have citizenship provided by Nepal Government.
  • He/She should at least be 19 years or older to get category (B) license i.e. Jeep, Car, Delivery Van(commonly called light vehicles).
  • He/She should be 16 years or older to acquire the license of category (A) i.e. Motorcycle, Scooter, Moped.
  • He/She should be physically fit and healthy.
  • He/She should be 21 years or older to get the license for heavy vehicles i.e. Bus, Lorry.

If the criteria listed above is all great and fulfilled, you can now proceed to get the license. Here is the procedure to get the driving license in Nepal.

  • Firstly go to Department of Transport Management near in your district and get the application form of getting driving license from Depart distributing forms.
  • After getting the form, enter your correct information in the form. The information should match the information on Citizenship. You should also attach your two passport sized photos on the application form.
  • You must also have the medical report. You should submit the copy of citizenship and qualified medical report.
  • A government ticket also should be posted in your form. You now have to submit the form by paying the amount mentioned by the government. You can receive the admit card from the office.
  • The exam date and time will be mentioned on your admit card. You can look for Driving license preparation books that are available in the market for your easiness.
  • Give your exam and if you get passed you will be called for your final process i.e. trial or test drive.
  • You cannot use your own vehicle for acquiring the driving license. The vehicle will be provided by the Department of Transport. You can get your driving license from Department of Transport Management Board.

Sample Layout (Trail/Test Driving Route for Two Wheeler Motor Vehicle (Motorbike/Scooter)


Sample Layout (Trail/Test Driving Route for Four Wheeler Motor Vehicle (Car, Jeep, Bus, Truck, Lorry)

4-wheeler-new-trial-license-course-nepal-2015Department of Transport Management is also making a provision for Online Application. The service is under-work and is expected to launch soon.

Smart License has replaced the old license system in Nepal. It is an electronic card based on technology similar to Machine readable Passport MRP in Nepal. In the smart-license, a microchip is embedded similar to SIM card. It contains all the information of the driver and vehicle registration number. Department of Transport Management informed that Smart-license will also replace the Blue-book. All staff and traffic police will have smart card readers.