Sajha Yatayat to implement Smart Travel Card Service | Travel Smart with Sajha Yatayat

A modern approach to transportation in Nepal

sajha Yatayat Online Smart card

Sajha Yatayat has pulled some serious efforts to implement modern touches to their buses. Their buses have stuff packed with TV, CCTV and other things to make your travel safe and comfortable. Sajha Bus are about to introduce payment system with Travel Card in their buses. Now the travellers can pay for their travel via smart card rather than bargaining and argue with people and bus staff.sajha yatayat nepali bus service

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This service is pretty good and has been implemented in many developed countries. It makes travel easy and comfortable. It is very good to see such modern methods being implemented in public transportation in Nepal. The major advantage is for those people who travel daily through the Sajha Yatayat. The card readers will be placed near the door where you’ll have to insert your card and the device will automatically take the required fare based on your travel destination. The system is already in place but Sajha Yatayar still has a lot of work to do. They are busy in making those smart travel cards available to customers. This system is being practised as the test for limited numbers of users. 10 buses of Sajha Yatayat travelling in the route of Lagankhel to Naya Bus Park has been equipped with Smart Travel Card System.Sajha Yatayat Smart cardThe smart travel card will be priced Rs.200 and hold a balance of Rs. 50. You can recharge the card by visiting Sajha Yatayat office or you can also fill the card by consulting with the bus driver and staffs. If the system comes effective, we might see Sajha Yatayat partnering with several Online Payment System for the convenient way of refilling the amount in the card. Recharge cards may also be available for smart cards. If the plan turns out to be successful, several shopping malls may also place this system of recharging.