Share Market training centres in Nepal


    People now are slowly getting attracted towards Share Market. In recent times, more and more people are learning about share market. There are several share market training centres around the valley where you could study about share market.
    Are you searching for a good place to learn share market in Nepal?
    Do you want to know about stock trading and stock market analysis?
    Do you want to learn about NEPSE index, Secondary Stock Market, Public Shares, IPO?
    Are you searching for the best place to share-market in-depth analysis and knowledge about investment in shares?

    Investment Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is providing in-depth training, share market analysis and technical analysis training in Kathmandu, Nepal. You can know adequate knowledge about of the overall stock market.

    Share Market Training Name and Course Fee

    In-dept Training – Rs. 4,000
    Technical Analysis Training – Rs. 15,000
    Free Portfolio Tracker Software – Rs. 2,500
    The training institute also offered a scheme as “Combo Offer” for Rs. 17,000 only where you get all 3 services of above.

    Course Contents of Share Training in Nepal

    • Risk and Return of Investing on NEPSE
      Financial Market
      Capital Market and Money Market
      Investment, Speculation and Gambling
      Stock Brokers and Market
      Merchant Bankers and Stock Exchange
      Mutual Fund and its benefits
      SEBON, NRB, Beema Samiti
      Credit Rating and ICRA Nepal
      Common Stock and its features
      Fundamental Analysis
      Factors affecting stock price
      Study of Balance sheet
      Study of Profit and Loss a/c
      Key Ratios
      Analysis based on report published by listed companies of NEPSE
      NEPSE Index, Sector wise Index and its calculations
      IPO and its allotment procedure
      Promoter share, Public share, FPO, Right share and its auction
      Central Depository System and its implication
      Portfolio and its use

    Contact Detail and Address of Share Training Center in Nepal

    MS Investment Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
    Khichhapokhari-22, New Road, Kathmandu – Opp. to People’s Plaza
    Phone: 01- 4259786, 01- 4248628 (Ext. 118)
    Mobile: 9808525464