Sony working on charging a device with another Wirelessly

An astonishing technology from Sony that allows you to charge your device through other without cords or cables

Sony Wireless Charging

Maybe once in while you have thought of the technology that allows that charge of one device to transfer to another device. When you are playing multiplayer games with your friends, this idea may have popped in your mind. Perhaps, Sony will be able to convert your idea into a reality.

While the reports emerged earlier this month, Sony is working on transferring the charge from devices wirelessly from nearby devices. This will be an awesome leap in the tech field if Sony successfully launches the final innovation.sony_battery_wireless_charging_patentThe smartphone users are excessively increasing in the recent days. The main problem people face with a smartphone is drainage of battery and consumption of storage. The ideal solution is now to carry a charger wherever you go or carry a power bank everywhere you go. This however never looks so cool as it sounds.
So, what if you could transfer the charge using another device wirelessly? Sounds Cool? You might well soon be able to use the technology to charge the device as you thought. Thanks to Sony.
Wireless charging is now common feature and every smartphone users want it t be included in their devices. Nokia introduced this concept back in 2012, and now this trend is being followed by companies like LG, Samsung, Google. Even Apple is reported to introduce their first Wireless charging device as iPhone 8.
We all know that Wireless charging is not a new concept. This is the firsts time when NFC(Near Field Communication) is being used to transfer the energy between devices placed nearby. You will be able to exchange power between various devices nearby including smartphones, microwave, washing machines, TV, fridges, computers etcetera without wires/cables.
The patent doesn’t detail about how the process might work or has no words over the distance between the devices for the power-exchange.