TU Transcript Application Online Form Submission


    Office of the Controller of Examinations, Balkhu has now integrated an online system of TU transcript application form. Now the days are gone where you have to stand in the queue among the crowd of people, travelling miles and spending hours. Office of Controller of Examinations, Balkhu has snow decided the form of TU transcript application will be taken online.tu-transcript-online-nepal-how-tosubmit-the-formTribhuwan University(TU) is the prestigious university of Nepal. Distribution of transcript and other character certificates has always been a pain for both officials and students. Considering these difficulties, Office of Controller of Examinations has promised to set-up online system. Whenever we visited the Office of Contoller of Examinations, Balkhu, one could always see a long trail of human waiting for hours to drop the applications. That had never been an easy job for the students. However, it will take some time to be effective, this news probably sparkles happiness in many people’s faces.

    As per the news, the process of transfer of students databases is going on right now. The student databases are being transferred from old system to new ones. This will take nearly a month. After sucessful transmission process, the online submission of the form will come in action.
    Since the forms wil be submitted online, once the application form is submitted, students can directly go to the Office of Controller of Examinations and get their transcripts. It may take few days to get your transcript but stil that is far better than being in a queue for hours.