Yarshagumba is not a new term to us. it is a type of caterpillar fungus. Yarshagumba is one of the most expensive herbs in Nepal. It is commonly used for medical purpose. Tibetian call them summer grass- winter worm. It is a fungus that parasites on the body of moth caterpillar. Yarshagumba is called Cordyceps Sinensis in English. This fungus/caterpillar grows only at higher altitude in Nepal.yarsagumba-in-nepal-price-and-medicineYarshagumba has great medicinal power. The hunting of Yarshgumba is chilling and adventurous and many people get killed while searching it. The trading of Yarshagumba in the recent times is increasing and is getting good market price too. Yarshagumba cures many diseases and pains. It is also accepted as a cure for sexual impotence- the Himalayan Herbal Viagra.

The caterpillar lives underground and feeds on plant roots. It is attacked by the fungus during its larval stage. It is found on the surface of the ground in the winter when snow falls.

Yarshagumba is also a traditional chinese medicine. After 1993 three Chinese female players broke world record and their coach mentioned giving them Yarshagumba powder mixed with turtle soup. It is believed to cure diseases like cancer and many other. Although the fact stated has not been scientifically proven.

Top quality Yarshagumba obviously costs more. The selling price is up to USD $40,000 per kg in Kathmandu, Nepal. The price may be fluctuating in the mean time and is commonly influenced by market demand, the location of trading and timing.

Price of Yarshagumba in Nepal | Cost rate per kg in Nepal

Yarshagumba Specification Pieces per gram Piece per Kg (range) USD($) per KG USD($) per gram
1.8-2 1600-1800 40000 40
2 1800-2000 35000 35
2.2 2000-2200 32000 32
2.4 2200-2400 30000 30
3 2400-3000 25000 25
3.5 3000-3500 22000 22
4 3500-4000 20000 20
4.5 4000-4500 18000 18
5 4500-5000 15000 15